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Prom Make-up

A tiny step into the world of parties and glamour.

With so many choices on how you could look for your prom, it is indeed a wonderfully exciting occasion.  The options are almost endless; “trendy”, “classic”, “vintage inspired”…the choice is entirely yours!

Having chosen your dress and decided on your hair style, what better way to complete your look than with a professional make-up artist?

You may know the look you want to achieve, you may need a bit of help or may even have a celebrity in mind that you would like to look like…whichever the case, I will be on hand to achieve your goal.  A prom is a once in a lifetime occasion so why not go all out to look your absolute best.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss any ideas you have or are inspired by; I will do my best to recreate the look and know you won’t be disappointed. 

Special event make-up

Whatever the occasion, maybe a wedding, party, dinner dance, or indeed any other event; by enlisting the help of a make-up artist, it takes away one less pressure.

I carry out a three step regime; cleanse, tone and moisturise, followed by the application of beautiful make-up which will make you feel that little bit extra special.

Photographic/Fashion make-up

I am available to provide make-up services for photographic shoots, fashion shows, corporate events and all other occasions.

A makeover gift

Why not treat yourself, or a friend, to a makeover.

You will be able to relax and put your trust in me to create a totally new and refreshing look, ideal for an image change or for simple self-indulgence.

With a background in image consultancy I can offer advice on colours and styles that will suit your skin tone and complexion.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss a makeover gift, as the personal service I offer allows extreme flexibility and can be easily tailored to suit your individual needs.  Why not extend the makeover to a group or party and include your friends, which can be a really fun option.